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Facebook has always been one of the most interesting marketing platforms for business professionals. They are always interested to find some solid ways to create an impression in the competitive market. Well, one of the most trusted methods is to launch contests online. These campaigns can help you to capture audience attention and soon you will be able to get votes. Many big brands have tried it earlier and they are happy with results especially when they get real votes online.

The social media platforms keep on changing with the advancements in technologies. Business owners are always curious to find ways to make the best out of these updates. Studies reveal that a well-planned Facebook contest can easily boost engagement in the market. With time, it may bring new leads. Those who are new to the idea of making the best out of social media contests may be interested to know more about it. Well, go through the details below and soon you will know how to create best out of these campaigns.

Social media contests for marketing:

The great news is that you can create a variety of contests online. The idea for few such is given below:

  • Photo contest:

One of the most common ways to promote your brand on social media is launching photo contests. This theme suits to most of the brands and can help you get more leads in the market. The idea is to motivate participants to upload some relevant images and then announce the winner for the best one. The winners can be also announced on the basis of higher number of votes on the photo. Such contests are more valuable if you have a travel business, food business or sell cameras etc. Prefer to capture audience attention by giving some handsome gifts and prizes.

  • Refer a friend:

Another potential idea for contest is to create referrals for your business online. The one who gets highest number of referrals can be announced as a winner. Although it demands efforts, it will give you more solid leads for the long run. Anyone can try this idea to create a win-win situation online. These contests can help your business to get online votes fast.

  • More likes:

In this case, participants that get higher number of likes are announced as winner. The theme may be related to some video, photo or even a caption. Then participants need to make efforts to get more and more likes. Winner will get handsome prize. It motivates people to generate more engagement for your business. Soon you will be able to get real votes online.

  • More comments:

Same as the like to win contest, you can also launch comment to win contest. The idea is to get a higher number of comments. The idea is to get Facebook contest votes in favour of you. These contests are important to boost engagement online. It takes very less time to make your business famous in the competitive market.

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