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Facebook contests are the best way to drive traffic to your platform. It can boost your engagement with the audience while building a strong relationship with buyers. If you want to gain more fans and followers for your brand, get ready to organize an interesting contest online. You can also buy votes to stay ahead of your competitors.

In order to make your contest more beneficial for your marketing campaign, it is important to start with a killer theme. Indeed, you can find so many options to try but try to pick something that is more relevant to your business.

Below we have highlighted few valuable ideas that you can choose to get poll votes online:

  1. Run a live contest:

You might be aware of the Facebook live feature. It is the best way to create a buzz online with your giveaway or contest. You can make your fans excited for the new contest by adding the announcement to your live video description but make sure to mention it at the beginning of your video. Make your viewers stick to the video to know the procedure to enter the contest by the end of the live video. Once they get attracted, they will even try to get poll votes online to win.

  1. Caption the picture contest:

Let people go crazy online with funny and unique comments on contest picture. Pick a high-quality image that has a certain message related to your business and let people add captions to it. It is the best way to engage your audience; they will also love to enjoy reading the captions below. You can also invite likes to your picture by organizing like the photo to win the contest.

  1. Ask a new idea:

If you want to launch a new product or service to your business, ask your audience to suggest the best idea via a contest. The best idea that gets more support online will win the battle. It will also help you to develop a particular strategy for your business. People will even buy facebook contest votes.

  1. Fill in the contest:

When you want to stay on the top of the mind of your audience, try to launch a fill in the blanks contest. The incomplete sentences will force people to think about your business, and they will come up with some interesting thoughts to win the contest. They will also buy votes online to stay ahead in the competition. You can also make your contest go viral by allowing entrants to choose their prizes from a particular section of your website. It will also bring more traffic to your page and will also boost sales as well.

  1. Viral video contest:

You can also give your audience a chance to share some pre-recorded videos to participate in your contest. Choose an interesting theme that is relevant to your business and set the time limits for videos. People will soon come up with several creative ideas. They will also buy online votes to win the contest.

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