Buying votes was never so easy and rewarding

Buying online votes has become a marketing strategy as well as way to win online contests. Today you can Buy Website Votes through various means and via various agencies always insisting you to avail their services. Let us have a brief over view on some of the popular and effective vote purchasing ways and sites.

Buy IMDB Votes:

Purchasing 10 star ratings from and on the huge IMDB database is one of the most effective ways to promote a movie in the tough competition. IMDB uses a system of calculating ratings of the movies which is easy to use by the customers. However, the weighted average method leads some votes count more. But the site also filters raw data to decrease vote stuff for any particular film influencing its rating by detecting multiple voting from a single IP address. Ratings due to Vote counts are not affected by reviews or number of awards.

Buy IP Votes:

If you want to win a contest through bulk IP votes and single click votes from different unique IP’s, there are service providers like to help you out in escaping IP filters that websites use to block multiple voting from the same location or using Starbucks not used for voting in last 12 hours and many other ways to change your IP address. To win a contest you can Buy IP Votes without waiting for true public opinion.

Buy Internet Votes:

Internet Voting, though go of the day is not free from risk, mal practice and frauds. Thus, this fast polling system is yet to be used for government formation while this is a popular way of improving ratings and winning online contests by movie makers and marketers. However, Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are coming to protect internet voting interface and ensure that information exchanged between the voters and network are all true.

Buy Polldaddy Votes:

To help you decide whether you should allow participants to cast multiple votes or not, Polldaddy is there offering 3 setting options to choose from repeated votes. You can choose ‘don’t block repeat votes’, ‘block repeat votes by cookie’ or ‘block repeat votes by cookie and IP addresses’. You can block or allow by scrolling in the title of the poll in the dashboard and clicking ‘design poll’ to choose from ‘advanced poll settings’.

Buy Bulk Facebook Application Votes:

Since inception, Facebook has added new dimensions to marketing. Winning a Facebook contest means a lot. You can Buy Bulk Facebook Application Votes via our website to confirm your win. It helps you get Facebook Signups, Votes, Likes, Registrations, Captcha Votes etc from various unique IP’s and Realistic Profiles to win a Facebook contest.

Get Contest Votes Free:

We also assist you winning Contest Votes Free on different social media and other websites. Since the competitors are availing this platform to promote their brands and business, you need to do the same to survive in the competition and there is agency like to get you thousands of voters.

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